Customer Service & Pre Debt Collections

Your Off-Site Billing Department

  • ARC works on your behalf: As an extension of your business office, mimicking your internal procedures to resolve all accounts. With a dedicated line to your representative, customers will recognize the attention to detail in your billing department without detecting the remote location of the agents.
  • Improved collection rates: using advanced analytics, specific workflows, and consistent reviews of call recordings, we are able to deliver best-in-class customer service & maximum AR liquidations.
  • Customer-centered service: we handle all inbound/outbound customer service & collection related contact as virtual employees, building a strong rapport with consumers and achieving account resolution.
  • You focus on YOU: when ARC handles your AR, you can focus on what you do best for your business and allow your on-site personnel to better prioritize their tasks.

Healthcare Revenue Management & Collections

Patient-Centered Service

ARC is the solution you need so your focus can remain on providing the best quality of patient care! We specialize in the billing and collections of medical accounts nationwide for providers, facilities, institutions and laboratories. While the healthcare industry is constantly changing, we operate seamlessly with your current billing system to incorporate our solutions as an extension of your business office. Our mission to collect with respect is why we are a master in this vertical.

HealthTech Receivables Management specializes in the billing and code verficiation of medical accounts receivables nationwide.

  • ARC specialists can pursue first party billing, mimicking your office to resolve account balances and allow secure online access to patient accounts. We gather medical records to electronically generate bills with tailored letters, coordinate benefits, allow for online submission of insurance coverage and provide AR review for cleanup projects.
  • Once pre-collection measures have been exhausted our debt resolution system helps with an array of billing options and collections, including denials and appeal processing, insurance follow-up for untimely payments, underpaid worker’s compensation claims, small-dollar insurance resolution, and 24/7 online account access for supplement submission or payment processing. Our specialists always collect with respect and will explain the intricacies of billing, gain insight into any issues, shed light on the patient responsibility, and arrange repayment for resolution of accounts.
  • The involvement of our sister company, HealthTech Receivables Management, can handle all your coding verification and initial billing needs. Create a worry-free system by outsourcing your back office, allowing your staff to devote less time to billing activities and more time to patient care. We will capture and analyze your data to identify ways to avoid denials and improve office procedures, allowing for continual improvement over time. All accounts will be managed with respect and dignity, including self-pay, denials, payment plans and charity.

Improving results


Recover More Bad Debts

You will directly benefit from our best-in-class technology and expertly trained agents as we achieve more results with less complaints.

Load, Link, Scrub & Score

When applicable, we will link accounts belonging to the same guarantor and scrub for accurate contact information, bankruptcy, deceased, and presumptive charity-related status; our propensity to pay scoring will allow for strategic automated workflows proven to prompt results.

Quality patient experience

Our HIPAA-trained agents maintain the highest standards, focusing on building credibility and rapport with patients to assist them in achieving total resolution of their accounts and delivering the best service experience.

Our technology infrastructure has been built utilizing required security standards provided by the HITECH/HIPAA Act in order to ensure protection of patient health information. ARC can file and manage CBR where desired.

Commercial Account Management & Collections

Account Resolution Focus

ARC is a domestic and international commercial collection agency operating under the mission that we COLLECT WITH RESPECT. Most companies wait far too long before placing accounts with an agency, putting their own business at risk and inadvertently deprecating the value of their services and/or goods provided. ARC is a more efficient and effective alternative to collecting delinquent accounts than with internal personnel; and we can create desirable rates for young accounts under 60 days.

  • From initial billing to past due debt, our agents and debt resolution strategies are sensitive to your current client relationships and focus on total resolution in a timely and professional manner. We understand that when money is owed, time is of the essence! Our specialists speak to hundreds of people each day, always keeping compliance top-of-mind and with the goal of motivating those who can pay to take action towards resolution in full.
  • Our Client Service Managers will support your business from the beginning, implementing a custom program to commence at a specific time of delinquency based on your sales cycle, and effortlessly move accounts from pre-collections to recovery and will offer litigation advice when necessary.

Experts Get The Job Done

Making It Work For You

We bring expertise, compliance knowledge, technology and best-in-class practices that come from years of working at top-performing agencies and corporations worldwide.


Score, Segment, & Skill

Our scoring and skip tracing procedures set up your accounts with accurate information while our tenured staff is knowledgeable about state-specific workflows, is highly trained and up-to-date on FDCPA regulations, and will handle the process end-to-end, giving your accounts the dedication they deserve.

Complex Specialization

We will handle thorough investigations and find all responsible payers to return the highest collection possible, requiring minimal involvement from your staff.

We accept all forms of payment, provide online access to accounts, and can provide UCC filings where desired. Customized reporting allows you to stay up to date on your financial information. And with ARC, you only pay when we get you paid!

Consumer Billing & Collections

Customer Service Strategy

ARC is licensed to collect debt nationwide* and internationally, operating under the mission that we COLLECT WITH RESPECT. With consumer debt on the rise, getting ahead of the issue is important and choosing to work with the right agency is essential. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer systems and a predictive dialer, our agents are able to communicate effectively and regularly with your customers, assuring you the highest degree of recovery. Our employees are highly specialized in consumer debt collection practices and adhere to the utmost standards of professionalism and compliance.

Resolution is the name Of Our Game

Delinquent No More

Our agents and debt resolution strategies are sensitive to your business needs and customer relationships, focusing on resolution in a timely and professional manner.


With access to national credit reporting agencies, we can pull borrower information, review credit history, find assets and manage skip tracing, accomplishing timely and profitable follow through.

Resolve & Recover

We bring expertise, compliance, knowledge, technology and best-in-class practices that come from years of working at top-performing agencies and corporations worldwide, all for YOUR benefit.

ARC accepts all forms of payment, provides online access to accounts, and will manage credit bureau reporting as necessary. And with ARC, you only pay when we get you paid!

Late Stage Recovery Collections

All Industries

All Accounts

All Efforts


Account managers at ARC are well trained and versed in handling late state recovery as a second or even third, round effort. With our multi-layered locate and contact research, plus your invoice reports, we can easily validate each account and begin securing resolution.

You have not exhausted all efforts of resolving an account until you allow us to give it our full attention. Based on the statute of limitations for your state, we would love to follow through one more round before you consider writing it off. Contact us right away for a billing history review!

ARC is licensed nationwide, save Massachusetts.

Contact Us:

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Consumers call: 866-510-9754

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The Collector’s Pledge

I believe every person has worth as an individual.

I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts.

I will be professional and ethical.

I will commit to honoring this pledge.

Notice for New York City Residents:

(1) ARC Management Group, LLC conducts its business in English and does not provide language services or translations in any other language.
(2) The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs provides a translation and description of commonly used debt collection terms in multiple languages on its website: